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Invest as low as ₹10,000 and enjoy 9% fixed rate of interest.

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Introducing GrowFix Gold

GrowFix Gold is a debt asset which has a pool of gold loans with >1.5x collateral as gold.
This product is listed on BSE and so you can invest through your Zerodha account.

Fixed Returns

Earn fixed interest of 9% per year.

Lowest Risk

Rated A1+(Safest) and Underlying Security is Gold.

Minimum Investment

Invest as low as ₹10,000.

No Lock-in Period

Get your money back in 24-48 hrs.

How GrowFix works?

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Comparison of GrowFix Gold with similar assets

Fixed DepositLiquid MFGrowFix Gold
Returns6%6% - 8%9%
Lock-in PeriodYesNoNo
Fixed ReturnsYesNoYes

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